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Sustainable Money Research Group was founded in 2011. The members pursue the objective to analyze the following questions:

  • Is money as neutral as considered in most economics models? Is the structure of the financial system responsible for driving economic growth?
  • Does our economic system require economic growth to guarantee its own stability?
  • Does this analysis identify political room to maneuver to overcome the growth paradigm, that were yet overlooked?

The scientific debate about sustainability is still controversial regarding the existence of so called “growth imperatives”. While many authors argue that the fixation on growth is mainly a question of mentality, others suspect that a structural growth imperative exist. They describe its causes with different approaches, disputed for their plausibility. Our goal is to provide a complete and detailed overview of the current state of research, and to categorize and to evaluate the explanations. We further study whether monetary innovations can play a role in mitigating a growth imperative, fostering ecological sustainability and social stability.

Further publications are available in German.